Hoteliers Inspiration Guest Pulse Survey (GPS) is developed for single hotels  or multi properties or hotel groups, allowing hotel users to focus on the key areas that impact the guests overall satisfaction during their hotel stay.

Action planning in the system allows you to establish improvement priorities to drive superior guest experience.

The Guest Pulse Survey is an online system aimed at enabling each hotel to accurately measure and effectively improves guest satisfaction; this is based on a data obtained from guests during their stay.

The metrics are set by Key Drivers for the Overall Satisfaction of guests staying at your hotel.  This list shows those attributes which have the biggest impact on your OSAT (Overall Satisfaction score). The system will identify and assess performance from areas such as the physical condition of the property and services areas, as an example below a series of attributes

  • Overall assessment of hotel
  • Value for money
  • Likelihood of visiting again
  • Likelihood of recommending
  • Expectations exceeded
  • % experiencing problems
  • Check in / check out
  • Food beverages



Some of the immediate benefits are real time feedback from guests staying at the hotel, engagement the management team in a more active role with guests experiences, accurately measure the key drivers for guest satisfaction, consistently and effectively track the performance of guest satisfaction and departmental trend analysis by month, per session, per year.



How It Works

Setup is straightforward and simple. There is no need of interface with your PMS. We will create a targeted questionnaire to collect, analyse, and distribute feedback directly from guests stayed in house. We will tailor made your questions based on your real needs.



Hoteliers Inspirations comprehensive dashboard consolidates all guest feedback into a single dashboard, letting you view guest satisfaction, problem experienced and key performance areas as a results separately or together.


Leverage Reports to Improve Guest Satisfaction

  • Dashboard
  • Monthly Scorecard identifying key drivers for overall satisfaction
  • Guest Feedback Summary
  • Pulse Survey Alert Summary Report
  • Performance Areas Organized



Send surveys with ease

Distribute surveys from our cloud base system or through a direct integration with your hotels property management system (PMS).



Grow your business with actionable insights

Hoteliers Inspiration’s Diagnostic Monitor Map identifies opportunities for improvement within survey feedback, helping hotel staff boost guest satisfaction and revenue.

Within the diagnostic map, you will be able to monitor and most importantly react on comments made by guests such as:

  • Internet service was extremely slow”
  • “The air conditioner did not work properly”
  • “Beds and mattress are the best”
  • “Excellent variety of delicious food”
  • “Could not work because of internet service slow”
  • “All staff was friendly and attentive”