Hoteliers Inspiration brings your knowledge to a whole new level / September 2012. Venue to be confirmed.

These master cooking classes demonstration will give chefs, teachers and students the opportunity to demonstrate their newly acquired skills by preparing and serving a wide variety of classical and contemporary dishes in a real-world setting. All with a unique approach and hands on experience.

During select modules throughout the 4 days program, French Chef , Franck Jeandon, a former Le Cordon Blue instructor, will share his philosophy, cooking techniques and specialties with teachers and students through a unique program specially designed all participants.

Chef Instructor will present a repertoire of culinary demonstrations and conduct on each day preparatory workshops 100% practical.

Each course will then culminate in the presentation of a featured menu at the laboratory restaurant, where students will execute the vision of the visiting chef and showcase his specialties dishes.


The main objectives of the program are to continuous building and enhancing teachers and student’s modern culinary skills.

Foundational culinary skills serve as an important role in launching chef’s career, but the future indicates that the rapidly expanding world of food will require specialization and in-depth knowledge.