What is Employee Engagement Survey:

  • All employees will be invited at the beginning of each year to complete the Employee Survey.
  • Employees will receive a personalised letter from Hoteliers Inspiration inviting them to complete the survey. These letters will be sent out a few days before the survey site is open.
  • The Employee Survey is taken individually, and answers will be taken in the local language.
  • The survey results will be communicated to you as soon as they are released from Hoteliers Inspiration.
  • The results will be available for everyone to read.
  • Action plans and follow up methods will take place to address items in all three sections of the key driver report.
  • To ensure that improvements are being made, we will invite all employees to take part in a ‘pulse survey’ 6 months after employee survey results were released.
  • The pulse survey will concentrate on the questions that will have the biggest impact on performance.
  • Follow up and reviews continue after the Pulse Survey.