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Our Partners HÄFELE adriatic


Established in 1923, Häfele is recognized as the leading and trusted partner within the Hospitality sector, for operators, investors, architects and planners.

With a 360° comprehensive approach, Häfele supports and accompanies all project phases, from planning to operation, considering all aspects of architectural hardware and functional furniture solutions as well as electronic access control systems, state-of-the-art lighting and smart sound systems. Thinking ahead in project business, Häfele strives to improve the guests lifestyle and experience in your hotel.

HÄFELE and HOTELIERS INSPIRATION work together to provide and share the knowledge and expertise within the hospitality industry, ensuring a full optimization of ressources. We concentrate on maximizing the potential of ressources, relating to every aspect of the business, but with a particular focus on financial and operational aspects of the business.

Over 100 years of combined experience and tradition within the the hospitality industry has given us most valuable expertise. Since 2011, we have been supporting hotel owners and investors in many aspects of the hospitality business, related to operational and financial process optimization.


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