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Our new references

Holiday Inn Express Ljubljana

Hoteliers Inspiration and its team has been supporting our hotel in the implementation of the key strategic business plan activities. Hoteliers Inspiration analyse Horwath Turkey HTL feasibility study and prepared a local market and financial program study for the implementation of sales and revenue management activities. As part of the project a full 12 months phased plan that follows USALI is in place as foundation of our management control system. The management 

Our new references

Concept development and business plan for a 85 rooms 4 star superior hotel with glamping units in the forest of Slovenia.  

Hoteliers Inspiration d.o.o has been commissioned by the RCN Real Estate Agency to initially assess the opportunity of the project “Ecological, Leisure and Business Resort Hotel”. 

The outcome of this project is the result of research, interviews, analysis of markets and brainstorming sessions with all relevant partners actively involved, such as architects, interior designers and well-rounded Hoteliers with a vast amount of local and international experience.

As a result of the study, we were able to produce an Architectural Space program in order to identify and specify all concepts described in this document ranging from number & types of rooms and their dimensions, services and facilities including suggested technology, public areas required space and the necessary equipment needed to operate the hotel as a general guideline for the investors.

As part of this project, Hoteliers Inspiration’s team has conducted a preliminary financial calculation of profitability from an operational point of view, considering KPIs such as occupancy levels, market segmentation, RevPar, ADR and GOP.