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What is the "Blue Ocean Strategy"?

Blue ocean strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant. We help hotels to implement a clear strategy by working on the four key strategic priorities, People Power, Guests Experience, Financial Results and Social Responsibility.
Our Services
"When you help another up a mountain, you are a little closer to the top yourself."
  • We work with individuals and teams and bring inspirational ideas into action. So, what else do we bring to the table?
  • We are in the business of hospitality, but our specialty is collaborating with creative, boutique and sustainably oriented companies.  
  • No mountain to high, we solve every problem.
  • Being innovative is our way of life.
  • We create offers that are too hard to ignore.
  • In one word, we are “unique”, our expertise and reputation was built on a real life projects.
  • We are easy to make business with, our values are paramount, but all the rest is flexible…And many more.

Hotel Business Process Optimization is developed and implemented through a Management Control System ™. 

The process lay down to foundation of metrics and KPIs with the objective to understand what strategies and management practices result in increased cash flow and value.

We will make detailed recommendations and work with you on how to improve business performance while assessing your internal processes against the best in class within our industry. Our approach is always to maximise the value of our client’s interests and to ensure a hotel asset is performing to the best of its ability.

Services in the area of Business Process Optimization:

  • Operational Performance Review 
  • Implementation of Revenue Management strategies 
  • Optimisation of operational cost structures
  • Development and implementation of KPI,analysis & benchmarking
  • F&B department analysis and product development 
  • Development and implementation of Human Resources, coaching and training programs.

Hoteliers Inspiration Digital Strategy focus on link Sales path: website, booking Engine, Channel Manager, Meta Search, PMS (hotel software), automated yielding price engine (Artificial Intelligence in pricing)., Social Media, Automating posts on the various channels, Guest Relationship, possibilities of direct communication pre, during and post arrival, Hybrid (virtual – personal) Business Meetings and Data analysis, that helps in understanding traveler behavior by collecting information from different sources and developing a specific marketing strategy for the target audience.

We partner with the most recognised Local and International technological hotel companies and as a result Hoteliers INspiration is your ideal partner for implementation related to hotel systems, digital infrastructure, metasearch solutions and many other technological issues.

Services in the area of Digital Transformation:

  • Development, Implementation and Execution of Digital Business Plan
  • Development, Implementation and Execution of a S&M Digital Campaign 
  • Support to the Implementation of a hotel Blockchain process, Execution and Follow up

Hoteliers Inspiration is listed in the catalogue of experts of Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia  https://dihslovenia.si/.

Market situations changes rapidly, Covid-19 has brought many challenges in our industry and steps need to be taken quickly to mitigate the impact on our business. Difficult decisions are part of the day to day management in order to protect the end line result, but at the same time protecting the value of the property. 

Hoteliers Inspiration d.o.o cooperates with local law firms with the expertise and experience to help owners navigate to challenging times effectively and ensuring that the business is secure and not adversely affected.

Services in the Area of Hospitality Crisis Management:

  • Analysis and identification of low performance operational results 
  • Improve the bottom line through cost-saving measures
  • Provide support to the management / owners 
  • Analysis and development of cash flow and loan programs Labour considerations and Legal aspects of contracts. 

Hoteliers Inspiration 10 years of solid international business experience in Eastern Europe make us competent to fully develop Hotel Conceptual Business Studies. 

The outcome of the business study is the result of a deep market research, interviews, analysis of opportunities and assumptions including brainstorming sessions with architects, interior designers and investors. 

Throughout the lifecycle of the project, we shared innovative products, solutions and ideas such as preliminary feasibility studies, market and location analysis, financial & operations consulting, Sales and Marketing programs just to mention few.

Services in the area of HI Conceptual Development Business Study ™ 

  • Development of preliminary feasibility studies for new hotel projects.
  • Development of conceptual designs for renovation and new hotels projects.
  • Projections of investment cost, FF&E & CapEx planning, budget cost estimations for the construction, renovation and furnishing of hotel properties.
  • Analysis of project capitalization & financial structuring.

Our Key Partner:

Hafele Hospitality Division

We will work together to define what needs to be done, settings goals and objectives, facilitating resources to accomplish goals and setting a reward programme to encourage your employees.

Hoteliers Inspiration modular trainings is part of a continuous process of improvement over time that demands attention daily rather than annually. It is a process that requires managers to define, facilitate and encourage performance by providing timely feedback and constantly focusing attention on the ultimate objectives.

Performance management requires a daily willingness and commitment to focus on improving performance at an individual level or as part of a team.

Services in the area of Training and Development Programs 

  • Implementation and execution of Seminars, Workshops and Training Programs
  • Introduction of Human Resources best practices and SOP’s standards
  • Conduction, development and implementation of Management Performance Review Hoteliers Inspiration tm
  • Development orientation and inductions plans.

We offer flexible days of learning that encompass up to 10 interactive, 90-minute sessions of quick and effective learning bites. These are designed to educate, inspire and motivate your employees in a fast, effective and convenient way.

The quick learning training sessions focus on:

  • Developing the right attitude.
  • Improving skills and widening knowledge.
  • Providing a better understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Targeting specific groups, from developing leaders to achieving service excellence, each interactive day explores essential managerial areas. Participants can choose from one, some, or all learning bites. Using accelerated learning, practical examples, and inventive development techniques; presenters create fun and excitement. People leave the session feeling immediately refreshed, enthusiastic and buzzing with ideas to implement within the workplace.

Some of our interactive learning bites are:

  •  Lessons and inspirational ideas for leaders.
  • Accountability and responsibility.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • The three fundamental elements in leadership.
  • Competencies for tomorrow’s managers.
  • Development tools for tomorrow’s managers.
  • The manager as a coach and counselor.
  • Communication skills for successful management.
  • Effective listening skills.
  • Interpersonal communication skills for business.